Root Cause Services

Life of a city tree is arduous. 


Tree Protection

Legal regulations require builders to protect and preserve trees on their construction sites that are both above ground as well as below ground. We protect trees by helping keep equipment and workers out of root zones. We use air to incorporate organics into soil before, during and after construction to ensure trees survive the process.

Air Trenching in Root Zones

Air excavation is a low-impact method of safely trenching in root zones. This process allows the placement of conduit or pipe for utilities, irrigation, sewage or drainage and keeps trees healthy and thriving.

Root Pruning & Sidewalk Repair

We identify, reduce and remove tree roots causing property damage, including to sidewalks, sewer and/or irrigation lines and are skilled in the creation and placement of root barriers to prevent additional damage.

Porous Paving

Flexible porous paving is designed to hold up to the demands of modern infrastructure while remaining porous and flexible. It is a cost-effective solution for maintaining healthy trees in an urban environment.